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Dental Implant
Irving, TX

Single tooth implant in row of teeth at Isla Dental in Irving, TXFinding the ideal choice to restore missing or damaged teeth can be difficult - dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, how can you know what is best? Lucky for you, there is only one restorative option considered to be the gold standard for replacing teeth that are lost or too damaged to be saved: dental implants. Isla Dental has dental implants for all our patients’ needs.

Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implants rely on a very simple technology that is nonetheless making a huge difference to patients seeking restorative dentistry. The implant itself looks a lot like a tiny screw made out of titanium. This implant goes into the bone of your jaw, where it actually bonds with your body. This means that the implant takes the place of the missing root of the tooth, enhancing bone health and feedback.

The Placement of Dental Implants

Depending on the restorative dentistry treatment that you need, there are a variety of potential dental implant placements. The most common is a single tooth implant, designed for patients who are either missing just one tooth or multiple teeth that are widely spaced. For patients missing multiple teeth, especially when those teeth are adjacent to one another, a multiple tooth implant, also known as an implant bridge, can minimize the number of implants you need. This reduces surgery time and speeds up recovery. You can even combine the stability and endurance of dentures with implants by getting implant-supported dentures. With these, you will never have to worry about an improper fit for your dentures causing embarrassing speech impediments or restricting your diet.

Can a Dental Implant Benefit You?

We believe that chances are the answer to this question is a resounding yes! Whether you are missing one tooth or all your teeth there is a dental implant that can make a major difference in your life. Still, there are a few conditions that might need to be remedied before implants are viable. Because implants rely on the jawbone for support, bone resorption, a common response to tooth loss, can make it unsafe to place the implants. Gum disease can also complicate receiving implants. Fortunately, we can help you with both bone loss and gum disease so that you too can receive implants.

Getting Dental Implants

If you are getting dental implants you can look forward to a relatively simple process, usually just two appointments. At your first one we place the implant and cap it with a temporary crown to protect it and give you a full smile. It takes time for the implant to meld with your jaw, so in the meantime, we will work on designing and constructing your permanent crown. When your implants have fully healed and your crown is done, you can come back for your final adjustments.

Get the Gold-Standard Today!

If you need to replace a missing or damaged tooth and you want to never be able to tell the difference between your old teeth and new, then you want a dental implant. No other restorative option offers the same combination of durability, aesthetics, and strength. To start your treatment with Isla Dental today, call us at (469) 923-0448.
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