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Pediatric Patients with Special Needs
Irving, TX

Dentist examining child patient's teeth at Isla Dental in Irving, TXAt Isla Dental, we love all of our patients and are prepared to accommodate a large variety of needs. We have taken steps to make sure that our patients feel comfortable and confident in their care. All of our tools can be adjusted and moved for patients in the dental chair, or near the chair. When scheduling your child's appointment, ask us how we can accommodate needs specific to your child.

We want all children to receive dental care, no matter their various personal needs. Statistics tell us that children with special needs see the dentist less than children without. We want to change that; we want all of our patients to learn about their oral health, how to have it, and how to maintain it.

Children with Anxiety and other Behavior Issues

Dentistry and anxiety are a commonly paired thought, for both adults and children. At Isla Dental we want to help ease your child’s anxiety right from the beginning. With a little heads up from parents, we can schedule your child’s first visit to be purely informational. We can meet the dentist and the office team, we can show your child the dental chair, the tools we use, and discuss the procedures we complete. We are happy to discuss dental education, information, and provide tips for keeping a healthier smile. Starting your child off on the right path can mean better care in their future.

To assist us, we ask that parents refrain from:
•  Old Stories: Though your childhood experiences at the dentist office may make you laugh now, children can find them terrifying. Please be aware of what you share with your child.
•  Scary Terminology: Words can evoke many feelings. Be aware of the terms you use relating to dentistry with your child. You do not need to prepare them for the concept of a shot or a drill. The tools we use today are less intimidating than those used years ago.

Conscious Sedation Options

If the term “sedation'' makes you uncomfortable, rest assured that we have a variety of options that are mild, very safe, reduce anxiety for your child, and allow us to get more accomplished at one time. Conscious sedation means that your child is not being medically put to sleep, but will feel relaxed and at ease. This includes:
•  Local Anesthetic: Used to numb the area where treatment is being applied, a local anesthetic is the most commonly used method for pain treatment.
•  Laughing Gas: Though nitrous oxide will not make your child laugh, it will provide them with a euphoric sense of ease. This form of sedation is given through breathing it in, no needles are used. The nitrous oxide used today is blended with oxygen, making the dosage less intense. The effects dissipate within minutes of the mask being removed.
•  Oral Medication: We have various oral medications, both in liquid or pill form that we can prescribe before treatment. We can go over the different medications with you. All are designed to help your child feel at ease.

We strive to provide your child with the best possible care, making their dental appointments as pleasant as possible. If you have any other questions, call Isla Dental at (469) 923-0448 today.
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Pediatric Patients with Special Needs Irving TX|Isla Dental
Do you have a child with special needs? Isla Dental in Irving, TX strives to provide your child with the best possible care. Call and make an appointment today!
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