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Tooth Extraction
Irving, TX

Woman with face mask holding up a single tooth at Isla Dental in Irving, TXSometimes for something new and better to come in you have to get rid of the old. At Isla Dental, that is our philosophy for extracting teeth - removing unhealthy teeth to make room for an overall healthier smile.

Why Do We Extract Teeth?

It may not come as much of a surprise, but as dentists we prefer for you to keep all of your natural adult teeth, ideally for your entire life. So why then do we perform extractions? Teeth might need to be extracted for all sorts of reasons - sometimes we might even remove teeth that are perfectly healthy! Many of the teeth that we decide to extract have become so damaged by decay and cavities that they cannot be saved, and they may actually be having a negative impact on the rest of your teeth. Other teeth might be healthy themselves, but are causing crowding problems which can make your smile appear crooked or even create protected pockets where bacteria flourish. This is why we often extract wisdom teeth, for example. Missing teeth can cause issues for the rest of your mouth, so we will never remove a tooth without discussing a follow-up treatment.

Getting a Tooth Extracted

Tooth extractions are actually very easy restorative dental procedures, and usually take approximately an hour per tooth. We perform two different kinds of extractions, simple and surgical. Most of our extractions are simple and performed on visible teeth. Surgical extractions are for teeth that are partially or wholly beneath the gumline, what we call “impacted,” which means that we will have to take x-rays. Simple extractions and surgical extractions both require local anesthesia only, so you do not have to change your diet prior to coming in. You should experience minimal to no discomfort, just some moderate pressure. Many of our patients prefer to wear earbuds to block out the sounds of our instruments, which can get somewhat noisy.

After an Extraction

We give every single one of our patients' personalized aftercare instructions so you can have a comfortable, speedy recovery. There are some things you should keep in mind ahead of time though, so that you can prepare. You will want to have plenty of easy-to-eat foods on hand for the first few days after the procedure. This means soft foods, and nothing that is hard, spicy, or crunchy. You will also want to have a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush on hand. Brush around the site, but avoid coming into contact with it. Even exposing it to water when rinsing your mouth can cause unnecessary aggravation. It is extremely important that the extraction site not be allowed to become infected, as this can be very uncomfortable and delay your recovery, which should normally take only a few days.

Get a Healthier Smile Today!

Extracting an unhealthy tooth or a tooth that is causing problems in your mouth can be the first step toward improving your whole smile. If you have a troublesome tooth, then call Isla Dental at (469) 923-0448 and find out how our skilled dental professionals can extract your troubles.
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Tooth Extraction Irving TX|Isla Dental
If you have a troublesome tooth, then call Isla Dental in Irving, TX and find out how our skilled dental professionals can extract your troubles.
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