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Close up of woman placing guard into mouthIf you are one of the millions of Americans who grind their teeth at night, then you know how difficult it can be to stop. After all, it is pretty difficult to stop yourself from doing something when you are not even aware that it is happening! That is why Isla Dental recommends wearing a mouthguard at night to protect from unconscious teeth grinding.

The Basics of Night Mouthguards

A night mouthguard is a specialized dental appliance meant to be worn only at night. Unlike other dental appliances that might be worn while you sleep, such as an orthodontic retainer, a night mouthguard is not corrective, but preventive, helping stop the numerous health conditions that can arise as a consequence of clenching and grinding. It is important to note that a night mouthguard is not the same as a mouthguard worn for sports. An athletic mouthguard is designed to protect the mouth from impacts and other injuries and is not optimized to reduce the stress of chronic grinding.

Night Mouthguard Types

Night mouthguard come in both generic versions and custom-fitted versions. You can find generic over-the-counter night mouthguards at many general retail stores, as well as online. These are very affordable, but they have some hidden costs you should be aware of. Because they are not designed for your unique teeth they do not protect your teeth as well as bespoke options, and do nothing to prevent the damage from violent grinding. Custom-fitted night mouthguards are more expensive, but they offer powerful long-term protection. To get a custom-fitted night mouthguard you can come into our office. We will make a mold of your teeth and design the guard based off that.

Can a Night Mouthguard Benefit You?

Most people do not need a night mouthguard, but if you are one of the many individuals that grinds their teeth at night then you should strongly consider looking into getting a guard. Even though they might seem expensive, they are a far cheaper, and easier, option than getting dental fillings or crowns, or undergoing jaw surgery. If you are not sure that you can afford a night mouthguard for you or your child, then call us to find out more about what your options are.

How Should You Care for Your Night Mouthguard?

Caring for your night mouthguard is how you can make sure that it lasts for years, saving you money on costly replacements. Every morning, be sure to remove the guard, rinse it, and then brush it. We recommend using toothpaste for maximum cleanliness, but only if it is a non-abrasive paste as it can otherwise damage the delicate appliance. During the day, store the guard in a container with sufficient airflow to keep the guard dry and inhospitable to bacteria.

Sleepy Soundly With a Mouthguard

With a high-quality, custom-fitted night mouthguard, you can sleep soundly knowing your teeth are protected from unconscious grinding and clenching. To learn more about the night mouthguard options we offer here at Isla Dental, give us a call today at (469) 923-0448.
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