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Tips to Encourage Kids to Brush
Irving, TX

Child using tooth brush to brush model of teeth at Isla Dental in Irving, TXBrushing is an important habit for everyone, adults and children alike. Just like adults, children should be brushing their teeth at least twice a day for two full minutes each time. However, we understand that it can be tough getting your child to brush even once a day. Your child might find the habit boring and try to rush through it to get back to more fun activities. Alternatively, maybe your child resists every time you ask them to brush. At Isla Dental, we can help with tips to encourage your child to brush their teeth.

The Importance of Teeth Brushing for Kids

Brushing is just as important for kids as it is for adults. Even baby teeth require proper care. The baby teeth play many important roles, allowing your child to eat and develop proper speech. They give your child their adorable little smile. The baby teeth also play a crucial role in holding the space for the adult teeth developing underneath. Cavities in baby teeth can cause serious issues. Not only is the affected tooth at risk for an infection, the developing tooth underneath can become infected. If a baby tooth is lost too early, it can also cause complications, such as alignment issues. Brushing and flossing helps to keep these teeth healthy and ensures that the adult teeth are healthy as they erupt into place.

Get a New Toothbrush

One of the first things you can do is take your child shopping for a new toothbrush. If you have ever looked at toothbrushes for kids, they are available in a wide array of different colors and often have popular cartoon characters on them. Even if you know what color or character your child likes, let them choose their toothbrush. Just make sure that it has soft bristles and is made for kids. The freedom to choose their toothbrush can often be motivation to brush.

Start a Routine and Stick with It

A routine is important. It might be tempting to let your child skip brushing their teeth after a long day or while you are on vacation, but it is imperative that you keep to their routine. It will become easier, and more normal if your child brushes twice a day for two minutes every single day.

Read a Book

Many books for kids are designed to teach them different things, such as how to share, what to expect when they go to school for the first time, and getting ready for bed. There are also many different books about the importance of brushing and flossing. These books teach your child about the importance of good oral care using easy to follow stories and fun characters. If your child loves stories, you can read a brushing book to help get them motivated.

Play Some Music

Two minutes can seem like an eternity to a child. Even many adults have trouble brushing for this amount of time. Instead of brushing in silence, play some music. Your child may have more fun dancing along to an upbeat song while they brush, which can help the time to pass faster.

Brush Together

Brushing can be boring. Rather than make your child do it alone while you stand nearby, brush your teeth together. Your child will benefit from watching how you brush your teeth. You can even let them practice on your teeth before they brush their own. Even if it is not the time that you normally brush your teeth, your oral health will only benefit from additional brushing sessions.

Helping your child to develop good brushing and flossing habits from an early age will help them to maintain a healthy mouth and beautiful smile well into their adult years. If you have any questions or concerns or need additional tips on how to encourage your child to brush, give Isla Dental a call today at (469) 923-0448.
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Tips To Encourage Kids To Brush Irving TX|Isla Dental
If you have any questions or concerns or need additional tips on how to encourage your child to brush, give Isla Dental in Irving, TX a call today.
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